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The CIO’s Handbook for Digital Transformation and Innovation in the Public Sector.

Is it actually possible to innovate in government? Can a public sector CIO build a great culture and drive digital transformations? Yes! And, this book tells you how.

Value-Driven is the definitive leadership guide for the public sector Chief Information Officer. Learn what it takes to be a great CIO, driving digital transformation and innovation in the public sector. Value-Driven is equally valuable for non-CIO public sector leaders, including elected officials, seeking to understand the role of technology and the CIO in their organization. The book highlights the best methods and techniques to drive value and enable change, creating a both effective and efficient IT group.

Find out what it takes to lead great teams that drive digital transformation and encourage innovation in the public sector. How to effectively organize & govern technology in the public sector, measure performance in IT, conquer shadow IT, build a great innovative culture, and strategize to drive value in government. Dig into the philosophies, leadership techniques, and methods used to put the City of Chattanooga on the smart cities map. Learn the secrets of how Chattanooga’s technology and IT group went from antiquated rubbish that was inviting disaster to innovative awesomeness; becoming one of the smartest cities in the world in just a few years and saving millions of tax-payers dollars in the process!

Foreword by Shannon H. Tufts, Ph.D. – The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, School of Government

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